AI courses are a mix of good and bad, and you need to be careful about paying for them.


    "At first, I took this set of AI lessons purely with the desire to learn more, but it turned out to be better than learning on my own." Ms. Li Hong, who is very interested in AI, shared her experience of "stepping on mines" when she purchased AI courses with CYJ - reporter.

  This is not an isolated case. A number of interviewees recently told reporters that after purchasing an AI training course of about 200 yuan, they found that the knowledge and skills involved in the course were mostly learned on a free online platform, and that "there was a feeling of being cheated, and the tuition they paid in could not be refunded".

  For some time now, with the rapid iteration of models such as ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and the recent announcement of Sora's video generation technology, generative artificial intelligence (AIGC) has gradually become the focus of widespread public attention. These models are optimized to be easy to use, enabling interactions in the form of chat boxes, prompt words, and generated options, but there is still a barrier for users to become proficient with these new tools. Different courses for training in the use of AI have subsequently appeared on major platforms.

  However, some consumers have found that the quality of these courses varies, and some of them also play the money to buy a class can be "one step ahead of the others", "side business cash" and other eye-catching banner, while the actual teaching content and experience does not match, some people feel that after purchasing the course, they are "fooled". AI training class hot, in the end is knowledge payment, or trafficking anxiety, or a round of "leek harvest"?

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