A number of AI works landed, the film and television companies while layout, anxiety


Recently, a number of works created with the participation of AI have accelerated to the ground.

On the one hand, the world's first "groundbreaking feature-length film produced entirely by AI" - Our T2 Remake - premiered in Los Angeles, which was created in segments by 50 artists in the field of AI, who, with the help of ChatGPT, Midjourney, Pika, Kaiber and other AI technologies, the entire creation of the movie was done by AI.

On the other side of the domestic market, the first two episodes of "Journey to the West" AI animated film have been broadcasted over one million on B station; the micro drama "White Fox", which is produced by "full AI production process", was launched on line recently; and CCTV's layout of the first original AI animated series of literate video "Ode to a Thousand Autumns" was broadcasted on the CCTV-1 comprehensive channel. ...... more than AI film and television works landed, meaning that AI-enabled film and television production has seen substantial progress, and the impact of technological innovation on the industry is accelerating.

Especially after the introduction of Sora, the speed of the development of related technology is beyond the imagination of too many people. Under the wave of technology, the layout of the film and television industry around AI is also speeding up. According to the mirror entertainment incomplete statistics, you love the Tengmeng video platform, light media, Shanghai film, Huazhi film and television companies are focusing on promoting the development and application of AI technology, from the training of the relevant large model, to the application of AI technology in film and television content creation, distribution and other more links, and even the development of AI full-process participation in the work of the film and television company's footsteps are getting faster and faster.

In this process, the good side is that the iteration of AI technology is very fast, from ChatGPT, GPT-4 to Sora, from single text to multimodal progression of text, picture, audio and video, the whole process only took more than a year. We have reason to believe that the problems existing in the current AI movie and TV works will also be improved in the near future. Therefore, the industry is looking forward to technological innovation, film and television companies to speed up the layout, but also to see the rapid development of AI to bring the possibility of this possibility is not only in the reduction of costs and efficiency, but also further extended to the level of creativity, creation and other content.

But at the same time, the rapid development of technology also brings more uncertainty. On the one hand, compared to technology companies that focus on researching cutting-edge technologies such as AI, film and television companies are much slower to develop in the same field. For example, before the introduction of Sora, the creative methodology mapped out in works such as "White Fox" and "Ode to a Thousand Autumns" may be rapidly eliminated along with the technological innovation brought by Sora, and the relevant companies need to keep up with the development of new technologies at a faster pace.

On the other hand, the intervention of AI further pulls up the risk of copyright. Whether the content used to train the big model is authorized or not, and how to define the copyright of AI works created with the help of related products need to be further discussed. Therefore, film and television companies with AI-related tools for product development, content creation, but also more likely to be technology, products in the copyright "neck".

In this development trend, domestic technology companies try to speed up the layout of similar products, in Baidu 2023 Q4 and full-year results, Baidu founder Robin Li said, Baidu has been in the field of Vincennes video and other areas of investment, and will continue to invest in the future; Vincennes Technology claimed that the development of its video creative products FilmoraV13 version of the text into the film function, Vincennes broadcast explosion / Virbo has the ability to text life marketing video. In addition, the film and television companies themselves are also actively investing in research and development, Chinese online attempt to build AI infrastructure, including arithmetic, talent and technology, etc.; fruit wheat culture, Shanghai film began to promote the training of related large model program.

Of course, in the face of many uncertainties, there are also many film and television companies are cautious. Banner Chancheng recently said on the interactive platform that the company will continue to pay attention to the impact and promotion of ChatGPT and other emerging technologies on AIGC and the entire content industry, and actively seek in-depth cooperation with big data model vendors in the field of content production. In addition, film and television companies such as Zhewen Film and China Film also remain on the sidelines for the time being.

But whether it is prudent to wait and see, or rush to enter, most of the film and television companies are almost certain that the development of AI technology to bring innovation and progress, especially at the moment, the wave of technology rolling, in which the film and television companies can only try the bureau, how to ride the wind, has also become a film and television companies have to face the problem.

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