Ali Math Competition opens up to AI for the first time to test application capabilities


On March 14, "2024 Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition" opened registration. Unlike in the past, this year's event is open to artificial intelligence (AI) for the first time, inviting global AI models to challenge the competition's difficult questions. This move not only refreshes the new height of the math event, but also becomes a bold test of AI application capabilities.

Today, with the wave of digitization and intelligence sweeping the world, AI is almost everywhere, and its application scenarios are increasingly rich and diverse. Whether it is the intimate voice assistant of smart home, or the intelligent driving of self-driving cars, or even the precise assistance of medical diagnosis and the intelligent decision-making of financial risk control, AI is penetrating into every aspect of life.

Alibaba-SW (HK09988, share price HK$71.9, market capitalization HK$1.46 trillion), through the innovation of this competition, has successfully built a platform for the intermingling of mathematical research and the development of AI and the collision of ideas, which provides a broad space for the exploration and application of AI in solving practical problems, and demonstrates Alibaba's keen insights into the future development trends of science and technology and its active embrace of it.

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