2024-Global AI Bootcamp explores new heights of AIGC enterprise landing applications


On March 9, 2024-Global AI Bootcamp, an event that leads the wind direction of AIGC industry, was successfully concluded at the headquarters of Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D Group in Beijing.

Global Al Bootcamp, as an important part of the Prompt Engineering Conf series of events, is dedicated to promoting the innovation and application of AI technology.

As the second event to be held after 2023, this conference, with the theme of "AIGC cutting-edge insights and enterprise application landing", gathered many important guests from the AIGC industry to discuss and look forward to the new dynamics of AIGC and the future trend of enterprise application landing.

The conference ended successfully in the wonderful speeches and in-depth discussions of all the guests, and at the same time brought a feast of ideas on cutting-edge insights and enterprise application landing for the whole AI industry.PEC series of conferences will always be committed to focusing on the cutting-edge AI technology, and actively promote the realization of enterprise application landing. In the future, we will hold the event in more cities, eagerly looking forward to meeting with you again, hand in hand to create a better future. 2024, AI gives us brand new opportunities and challenges, let's work together to meet this new era of artificial intelligence full of infinite possibilities!

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