First open AI terminal released, will be open to all big model platforms


On February 29th, the Star Era Meizu Group officially released the Meizu 21 PRO open AI terminal. It is understood that Meizu 21 PRO not only draws a period for Meizu in the smartphone era, but also the beginning of Meizu's entry into the AI era.

The relevant person in charge introduced that as the first flagship phone of Meizu with open platform capability, Meizu 21 PRO is open to all the big model platforms, providing developers with system permissions, API documents, and opening up the processor's AI algorithms, so that the developers have full freedom to realize the production of more innovative functions and application services.

The reporter learned that through the open platform strategy, Meizu aims to attract excellent developers and development teams worldwide to jointly promote the development and application of AI technology. This will make the Meizu 21 PRO not just a communication device, but a truly open AI terminal.

"In order to attract global big model teams to participate in the construction of the AI ecosystem, Meizu will invite all interested teams to develop big model applications on the open platform. At the same time, Meizu has also set up a special reward mechanism of up to 1 million RMB for the big model application team with the highest number of monthly active users to stimulate the innovation of global big model teams."

It is worth mentioning that under the All in AI strategic plan, the Meizu Flyme team hopes to create a brand new AI system experience for users and build up the infrastructure capabilities of the operating system in the AI era.

At the same time, the Flyme team also put forward a new design concept, namely, AI Native, AI First, AI Native is to define the operation of the product for the characteristics of generative intelligence, so that the system interaction experience of FlymeOS is more convenient and clear; AI First refers to the fact that after possessing a more powerful and generalized large model intelligence, AI functions need to be easier and clearer to use, and AI functions need to be more convenient and clear. AI First means that with more powerful and generalized large-model intelligence, AI functions need to be easier and more prioritized for users to reach and use.

In the traditional system architecture, the user's intention, business process and the execution of the whole chain process need to be completed by the user, while in the future FlymeOS architecture, the user only needs to express his intention to the system, and the AI can help the user complete the whole business process and the execution of the board.

According to industry insiders, under the new wave of the AI era, interaction methods are undergoing a fundamental change. In the future, the Flyme team will make full use of its advantages in the field of human-computer interaction to accelerate the upgrading and optimization of the intelligent operating system for the AI era, bringing users a smarter, more convenient and efficient system experience.

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