China's first AI animation broadcast Wanxing "Tianmu" and other video generation applications good knowledge science and technology


While people are still shocked by the visual effect of Sora, Vincent Video has already set off an efficiency revolution in the field of knowledge popularization short videos.

  On February 26th, China's first AI animation of Vincent video, "Ode to a Thousand Autumns", was launched on CCTV-1, produced by the China Central Radio and Television (CCTV). The first installment of the film, "Farewell to Dong Da", shows the deep friendship between Gao Shi and Dong Tinglan behind the poems. Although there are still technical problems such as ghosting in the visual effect, the unique Chinese aesthetics created by the use of home-grown AI technology is in stark contrast to overseas models such as sora, highlighting the unique charm of Chinese culture.

Screenshot of CCTV Comprehensive Channel's "Ode to a Thousand Autumns" Screenshot of CCTV Comprehensive Channel's "Ode to a Thousand Autumns" Screenshot

  It is understood that the "Ode to a Thousand Autumns" is generated by adopting the "CCTV Listening Media Model", which is a joint research and development achievement of the State Key Laboratory of Ultra-High-Definition Audio/Video Production and Broadcasting Presentation of the CCTV Main Channel and the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Its training data from the world's largest Chinese audio-visual corpus - CCTV, effectively making up for the lack of overseas models of Chinese understanding.

  It is worth noting that the development of domestic video generation model is not alone. Previously by the AIGC software A-share listed company Wanxing Technology (300624.SZ) released the Wanxing canopy audio and video multimedia model also to the understanding of Chinese data as an important part of the development of its differentiation.

  In Wanxing Technology vice president Zhu Wei, "the current data around the Chinese mainland is not too much, Chinese big data still need a long time of cleaning and accumulation, considering the current Sora for the Chinese elements and the understanding of the Chinese is still relatively lack of, which may become a domestic video model of a bend in the road to overtake an important opportunity."

Not coincidentally, recently in the major online platforms on the hot search and harvest high praise of the AI animated short film "Monkey King" behind the production is actually all done by a person. The video blogger said in an interview with the media, this video if you rely on the previous manual hand-drawn at least half a year, but he used AI technology only a week to complete.

  Market data show that the knowledge behind the popularization of knowledge payment market has shown explosive growth in recent years. Ai Media Consulting released the "2023 China's knowledge payment industry status and development prospects report" (hereinafter referred to as "report") shows that in 2022 China's knowledge payment market size of 112.65 billion yuan, an increase of about 70 times compared with 2015, is expected in 2025 the market size will reach 280.88 billion yuan. The report also shows that in 2022, the proportion of short-video paid content learning trips will be as high as 75.7%.

  At present, has been commercialized landing application in addition to overseas Pika, Runway, domestic aspects such as Wanxing Technology's Wondershare Filmora13, etc. also has the ability to Vincent video, and in the rapid technology iteration. It is foreseeable that with the continuous development of technology and market expansion, Vincent video application will play an increasingly important role in the field of knowledge payment.