AI will accelerate the evolution of human brainpower


On the morning of March 27, at the "AIGC Changing the World" sub-forum, Zhang Yaqin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Institute of Intelligent Industry at Tsinghua University, shared his insights into the current state of development and future trends of artificial intelligence (AI), and he made it clear that, "The development of AI should go hand in hand with the control of risks. control in parallel, the future must be the fusion of artificial intelligence and machine intelligence, the risk is great, so we must face up to the risk."

Zhang Yaqin said that although AI technology has made sweeping changes and has had a significant impact on the social ecology, it is still facing many challenges, "as the author of Artificial Intelligence: a Modern Approach and professor of the Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley, Stuart Russell, on the existence of problems in the development of AI, the risk of AI development in the future needs to be taken seriously " and warns that "if not properly guided and controlled, the risks posed by AI could translate into threats to human survival." .

Zhang Yaqin believes that the relationship between big models and generative AI is that the former provides the foundation for the latter, and foresees that big models will develop in the direction of multimodal, autonomous intelligence and edge intelligence, while generative AI is not limited to traditional recognition tasks, but also capable of creative and generative work, such as writing code and designing drugs. At the same time, he emphasized the contribution of digitization, arithmetic growth, and new algorithmic frameworks to the effectiveness of rules, and raised concerns about current arithmetic dependence and algorithmic inefficiencies.

In addition, Zhang Yaqin emphasized the centrality of talent among the key elements in the development of AI, and likened the current development of AI to being only in the early stages of a long-distance run, so all parties have the opportunity to compete. He also mentioned, "In the future, AI will accelerate the evolution of the human brain and bring about tremendous technological and social changes."

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