The New AI Wave of the Damaged


AI technology is riding high.

Not long ago, the OpenAI Vincennes video model Sora came out of nowhere to

marking a landmark advancement in the field of AIGC, attracting global buzz.

Elon Musk commented: "gg humans (human beings concede the bet)".

In the year or so that AIGC (generative artificial intelligence) has been raging, the

Voices of protest against AI are growing.

In July 2023, Hollywood launched a collective strike that

creators demanding a re-talk on labor relations and resistance to the AI invasion.

Union president Fran Drescher mentioned:

"If we don't hold our heads up high now, we're in

all in danger of being replaced by machines."

In December, the New York Times, citing copyright infringement for training AI

filed a lawsuit against OpenAI, Microsoft.

In January of this year, Taylor Swift's indecent photos, forged by AI, went viral on the Internet.

causing serious damage to her reputation and drawing the ire of fans around the world.

The wave of AI is irreversible.

In the future, how will human creators play and coexist with AI?

The legal, copyright and ethical issues involved.

and the demands of the old and new factions for the distribution of benefits have been put on the table.

But we find that one of the most impacted industries in the country.

But we find that one of the hardest hit industries in China, the artists are in a different kind of predicament: they are silenced.

An article with several domestic painters that

members of the development team of the anti-AI training app Mist.

and Li Yunkai, an intellectual property attorney at Kaiyuan Law Firm.

Try to present another voice under the wave of AI era.

It is reported that as of the night before press time

Chinese court made the world's first case of generative AI service infringement effective judgment.